General conditions of sale

General Terms and Conditions of DRF asbl

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions apply to all products and services available online and « paper » tickets provided by DRF asbl and his partners, hereinafter “DRF”. These conditions also apply to telephone bookings made via the partners referred to on this Website or via any other means of communication. DRF reserves the right to change these conditions at any time, with said changes entering into force once they are published on the Website. DRF reserves the right, at its discretion and without prior notice, to suspend or change the Website in whole or in part. These conditions are designed to ensure customers’ full satisfaction and understanding of the online ticket booking process.

2. Use of this Website

This Website is intended for personal use only. The purchaser will only use the information on this Website to find out about events or promotions or to book tickets or other products for their own personal use. This Website may only be used for other purposes when the purchaser has obtained explicit authorisation from DRF. Without DRF’s explicit authorisation, deep links to this Website must not be set up for any reason whatsoever.

This Website is not intended to be used by minors. The purchase of tickets or other products is exclusively reserved to persons aged 18 or over who hold a valid credit/debit card issued in their name.

The purchaser must keep all of their login details for the Website (such as their password, etc.) confidential and must immediately inform DRF if they notice or suspect the unauthorised use of their user account. In such cases, the purchaser is held responsible for the unauthorised use of the Website. The purchaser is liable for any declarations of intention to purchase products or services that are sent using their login details or password.

The purchaser may not use web crawler software or attempt, by any other means (automatic or manual), to control or copy this Website and its contents. The purchaser may not negatively affect the functioning of this Website in any way whatsoever, in particular by deliberately overloading the DRF system infrastructure. DRF will take reasonable measures under civil and criminal law against any illegal and/or unauthorised use of this Website, in particular the unauthorised purchase or sale of tickets, the unauthorised copying of the site or the unauthorised application of any web crawler or other software.

3. Ban on commercial use

No part of this Website may be used for commercial purposes without the prior written authorisation of DRF. In particular, the resale of tickets is forbidden. Tickets may not be sold privately for a price that is higher than the price indicated on the ticket plus the fees billed at the time of purchase. Moreover, DRF reserves the right to block the access for any customer or not to accept the ticket order of any customer of whom DRF knows or reasonable suspects that he/she cooperates with another ticket broker or black-market dealer or that he/she uses automatic programs for ticket ordering or orders tickets above DRF’s maximum number of tickets per person, as specified for each event.

The purchaser may not combine the resale of a ticket with any hospitality, travel or accommodation service and/or with any other goods, products or services to create a package without the formal written authorisation of DRF as Organiser.

Tickets may not be used for advertising, promotions, competitions or prize draws without the formal written authorisation of DRF as Organiser. Even if this consent is obtained, the use of logos, trademarks and any other intellectual property is subject to the prior agreement of DRF as defined in Article 13 of these conditions.

Moreover, any breach of these conditions will lead to the loss of the right to access the event in question, with no payment of damages and with the ticket in question being declared void.

4. Termination of the Contract

By confirming their order, the purchaser declares that they are aware of and accept i) these conditions of sale, which are an integral part of the agreement between the parties, ii) any special terms and conditions that may be displayed on the DRF Website, and iii) the Organiser’s conditions, which can be found on their respective websites and/or the conditions of the venues, which can be found at said venues. The application of these conditions and the above-mentioned conditions is a prerequisite for the agreement of DRF and his partners to the contract of sale.

The purchaser makes an offer to enter into a contract when they click the “Confirm purchase” button on the booking page for the offer in question. The purchase is final and binding once a transaction number has been created and sent by DRF and his partners to the purchaser.

We inform you that in case of an error of the indicated price, whatever the reason may be (information technology bug, human failure, technical failure,…), the purchase – even if it has been confirmed by us – will be cancelled and you will be informed as soon as possible. At that time you will have the option, should you desire to do so, to confirm your purchase at the corrected price.

All orders are placed subject to verification of the payment card and other security checks. The transaction may therefore be cancelled should it fail DRF’s verification process.

DRF reserves the right to cancel bookings that it reasonably suspects of having been made fraudulently.

5. Events details

The details of events that appear on the DRF and partners Websites, namely the location of the event and its content, are provided to DRF as event’s Organiser.

Updated event details, in particularly those updated on the day of the event, may be obtained from the Organiser’s, promoter’s or artist’s official online announcements or from other generally accessible sources as well as the press.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser and any ticketholder to determine whether an event has been cancelled or whether the date and time or location of any event has been rearranged. If an event is cancelled, rescheduled or relocated, DRF will make every reasonable effort to inform customers as soon as it receives authorisation from the event partner. DRF does not guarantee that customers will be informed before the date of the event.

The purchaser and any ticketholder is strongly advised to check any communication about the event from one month before the event, and this in order to also be able to adjust any additional plans (flight, overnight stay, etc.) in time. It is also crucial to always update account information (e-mail address, mobile phone number, …) in order to be able to be informed correctly and quickly (read also article 10.2). The purchaser and any ticketholder is responsible for strictly following up on e-mails classified in possible SPAM folders.

The advertised start and end times of events are subject to change.

Customers may be limited to booking a specific number of tickets via DRF and his partners for each event. The limit is indicated on the booking pages and should be checked before each purchase. This policy is designed to discourage unfair ticket buying practices. Tickets may be limited to a maximum number per person or per credit/debit card and, for certain events, a restriction may apply per household. DRF reserves the right to cancel without warning ticket bookings that exceed this number.

Tickets may be sold subject to certain entry or usage restrictions such as, but not limited to, restricted or side view, restricted height, venues with a minimum entry age, non-adjacent seats, etc. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that they have read all of the information provided on the DRF and his partners Websites regarding these restrictions at the time of booking.

6. Payment and price components

As well as the sale price of the tickets, admin, delivery and transaction fees, which may vary according to the event, are also charged. These fees are indicated at the time of ordering. No fees other than those indicated may be charged.

The total price for the tickets may then exceed the price indicated on the tickets. The ticket price and delivery fees, transaction fees and/or travel contribution include VAT.

The total price of the order, including all fees, must be paid immediately once the contract of sale is agreed. Payment must be made by credit/debit card and, for certain events, may also be made by bank transfer.

Additional, optional services and/or products such as gift wrapping or insurance may also be offered separately and will be charged in addition to the fees displayed.

Although DRF aims to ensure that all prices on the Website are correct, errors may occur. If an error is discovered by DRF in the price of any item that the purchaser has ordered, DRF will inform them as soon as possible and give them the option of reconfirming their order at the correct price (and crediting or debiting their account as applicable) or cancelling their order. If DRF is unable to communicate with the purchaser, the latter agrees that DRF will treat the order as if it had been cancelled. If the purchaser chooses to cancel even though they have already paid the incorrect price, they will receive a complete refund from DRF.

7. Shipping and delivery

Tickets will be shipped via the method chosen by the purchaser, after the contract is entered into and after payment. If DRF and his partners does not comply with an agreed delivery deadline, the purchaser may grant DRF as Organiser a reasonable extended deadline. At the end of this deadline, the purchaser is entitled to cancel the contract by giving written notice, unless the tickets have been shipped in the meantime. Withdrawal from the purchase is not guaranteed if the customer has been duly informed that the tickets are ready for collection from the event venue.

Should any tickets be lost in the postal system, the parties agree that DRF will receive all complaints. The latter will choose how to resolve the issue and will absolve DRF of any responsibility provided that it prove that the tickets were lost in the postal system.

Conditions of sale concerning e-tickets, mobile tickets, digital tickets :

E-tickets, once printed on plain paper, constitute the customer’s sole entry ticket for the event. They must be printed clearly, with all elements being legible without confusion. Should they not be printed clearly, the customer will not be granted access to the event. Each barcode/QR-code represents one single entry ticket.

The e-ticket will be scanned at the entrance to the event. This ticket may only be scanned once on the date indicated on the ticket. If the same barcode/QR-code is presented several times, only the first ticket that is scanned at the entrance gate will be granted access to the event. The perpetrators of any attempted theft, forgery or fraud will be prosecuted.

DRF and his partners guarantee the authenticity of the tickets provided that said ticket has been purchased from the Website. Customers should therefore not accept any tickets sold by third parties or other websites.

8. Return and rights of withdrawal

There is no withdrawal right.

In accordance with Article VI.53, 12 of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, the purchaser may exercise their right of withdrawal in accordance with Article VI.47 for the provision of services related to leisure activities if the contract indicates a specific execution date or period.

9. Refunds

Tickets may not be refunded and/or exchanged in the case of loss or theft.

Occasionally events are cancelled, rescheduled or changed significantly by the team, artist or Organiser for various reasons.

Should an event be cancelled, the purchaser may ask the Organiser to refund the price of the ticket.

If it is agreed between the Organiser and his partners will, in the name of and on behalf of the Organiser, refund customers, the conditions of this Article must be met.

9.1 Cancellation: if an event is cancelled (and not rescheduled), customers will be offered a refund for the sale price of their tickets, excluding delivery fees and transaction fees. If an event is taking place over several days and one or several days is/are cancelled (but not all days of the event), a partial refund will be paid corresponding to the day or days that have been cancelled.

9.2 Rescheduled: unless otherwise indicated in relation to a particular event, if an event is rescheduled, customers will be offered seats/tickets to the advanced or postponed event (subject to availability) of an equal value to their original tickets. If the customer cannot attend the rescheduled event, for which proof must be provided, they will be offered a refund for the sale price of their tickets, excluding delivery fees and transaction fees. DRF must be informed within the deadline specified if the customer is not able to attend the rescheduled event. If not, DRF will confirm the booking for the new date and the customer will not be entitled to a refund.

9.3 Material alteration: if an event is materially altered, DRF will offer the option of either confirming the order for the modified event or providing a refund (of the sale price of the tickets, excluding delivery and transaction fees) by the deadline specified by DRF and his partners. Should the customer fail to inform DRF of their decision by this deadline, DRF will consider the order to have been confirmed for the modified event and the customer will not be entitled to a refund. A “material alteration” is a change made by the Organiser, such that the event differs from what the ticketholder could reasonably have expected. The use of understudies in plays or similar productions and/or any change of (i) the opening act, (ii) the members of a group/team, and/or (iii) the line-up of any multi-artist event (for example a festival) is not considered to be a material alteration.

10. Liability, Compensation

10.1. Although Ticketmaster reasonably endeavours to verify the accuracy of all information it publishes on its Website, it gives no express or tacit guarantee of the accuracy of this information.

The Website is provided “as is” and “subject to availability” for customers’ personal information and use only, with no announcements or promotions. Unless otherwise indicated in the specific conditions relating to a given product or service, DRF and his partners give no express or tacit guarantee relating to the Website or the products or services offered on the Website by DRF or in its name (including free software downloads) including, in particular, tacit guarantees of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security, accuracy, state or completeness, or any tacit guarantee arising from negotiations, usage or trade.

Unless otherwise indicated in the specific conditions relating to a given product or service, DRF gives no guarantee that the Website or the products or services offered on the Website by DRF and his partners or in its name (including free software downloads) will meet customers’ requirements or will be available continuously, punctually, safely and without errors, that faults will be corrected, or that the Website, its server, the products or the services offered on the Website by DRF or in its name (including free software downloads) are not infected by viruses or bugs or are fully functional, accurate or reliable. DRF accepts no liability towards the purchaser in the case of the loss of material or content as a result of the Website loading or of downloads originating from the Website.

The purchaser acknowledges that DRF cannot guarantee and therefore cannot be held liable under any circumstances for the security or confidentiality of the Website and any information provided on the Website or obtained from it by the purchaser.

10.2. Personal arrangements such as travel, accommodation or other arrangements relating to the event that have been arranged by the purchaser are at their own risk. Neither DRF nor their partners may be held liable for any loss of use or wasted expense.

10.3. In the event of a death, bodily injury or health problem arising from a deliberate breach or negligence by DRF or a deliberate breach or negligence by one of its statutory representatives or agents, DRF is liable in accordance with statutory provisions.

For any other damage, the following provisions apply:

For damage arising from gross negligence by DRF or a deliberate breach or gross negligence by one of its statutory representatives or agents, DRF is liable in accordance with statutory provisions.

For damage arising from a breach of the fundamental contractual obligations as a result of simple negligence by DRF, its statutory representatives or its agents, DRF’s liability is limited to the foreseeable loss of such contracts and does not exceed the value of the item that has been sold.

Claims for other losses in the case of a breach of the secondary obligations or of the non-fundamental obligations in the event of simple negligence are excluded.

Exclusions and limits of liability do not apply if Ticketmaster has fraudulently hidden a fault or granted a quality guarantee. The legal provisions on product liability remain intact.

11. Breaches of third-party obligations

DRF may not be held liable for the acts, omissions or other actions of third-party users, DRF users, advertising partners and/or sponsors on the Website in relation to the DRF services or the use of the Website. DRF may not be held liable for the products, services, or other acts and omissions of the event Website, artist, Organiser or any other third party referred to on the Website or who is related to the Website in any way whatsoever. Purchasers may inform DRF of any misuse by other purchasers, advertising partners and other contractual partners of DRF. DRF reserves the right to investigate these requests and take the necessary measures at its sole discretion.

For any other request for help relating to a previous or current order, please visit the online help section.

12. Data Protection

The DRF data protection policy applies to the collection and use of personal data. You can find DRF’s data protection policy here.

The purchaser commits to providing full, accurate personal details on the Website’s customer identification form when ordering tickets. DRF reserves the right to refuse or cancel the order should it suspect fraud. This personal data is collected to fulfil the contract of sale and may be stored in order to ensure that DRF services are run smoothly and/or to prove that the contract has been fulfilled.

13. Intellectual Property

The DRF logos and design as well as all other trademarks and logos displayed on this Website are protected by DRF and its commercial partners as registered and unregistered trademarks. These trademarks or logos may only be reproduced or used with the written authorisation of DRF or its commercial partner. The same applies to all content and software on the DRF Website, which remain the exclusive intellectual property of DRF and are protected by copyright law.

The purchaser and any ticketholder may be filmed or recorded as a member of the audience.

14. Place of performance and applicable law

The contract is governed exclusively by Belgian law, and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.

Any dispute relating to this contract, its interpretation or its execution will, in the absence of an amicable solution, be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the judicial district of Marche-en Famenne.

15. Miscellaneous

The following items may not be brought into any event venue: cameras, video cameras, professional recording equipment, alcoholic drinks, glass, plastic bottles, cans, drugs, fireworks, animals, weapons and sharp objects, which will be confiscated by security. The Organiser reserves the right to ban any other item from being brought into the event venue.

Access to an event implies the acceptance of all preventative measures and checks undertaken by the Organiser or security team, including body and bag searches. Non-compliance with these measures may result in the refusal or withdrawal of the right to enter the event, with no possibility of a refund.

DRF reserves the right to seek redress and/or claim damages should this Article be breached.

16. Final Provisions

Should certain provisions of these conditions be considered null, the parties agree to replace the null or void clause with another clause that complies as fully as possible with the intended meaning of the original clause.