The temptation of creating a ‘different’ kind of festival basically won, but not without difficulty. Between looming scepticism and complicated negotiations, the Golden Age Rock Festival acts like a true UFO at the heart of a summer of conventional festivals. We believe that new groups or ones that aren’t often in our neck of the woods, special concepts and surprises are what makes us different. Fortes fortuna juvat – Fortune favours the bold !

We are obviously counting on you: on people who are tired of seeing the same old acts , who will not balk at giving a crowd of connoisseurs and fans a chance. We know the groups invited like the back of our hands because we have seen them perform recently and they will surprise you, enthral you and win you over for ever.

If 1970s or 1980s rock brings back good memories for you, then this new festival of classics is a must. As organisers, if we are often disappointed by a relentless commercial thirst or an evolving multiplication of various festivals, our GARF must essentially revolve around an old school theme: the single stage. Breathers between shows. Adapted schedules. Camaraderie among all parties.

Liège is a nice, ebullient and welcoming city with a Latin spirit, a fervent city full of contrasts. And at the end of August, it will become the Mecca for classic rock fans. Of course, the wonderful former riding school of the Caserne Fonck will be a beacon of musical passion. An elixir of authentic friendliness.

Keep on rocking brothers & sisters and let’s be part of it !