A 100% feminine touch was wanted. It will happen during this 2nd edition of our GARF and we believe that we made no mistake. Indeed, the London girls from Girlschool can claim to be the first female hard rock band(if we consider that the Runaways were not hard rock). Kelly Johnson, Denise Dufort, Kim McAuliffe and Enid Willams invented themselves in 1980 in the midst of NWOBHM under the maddening patronage of Motörhead and its mogul Lemmy. “Demolition” sets the tone but it is “Hit and Run” in 1981 which integrates the young ladies into the inner circle of the best hard rock bands. Rebellious schoolgirls, our Girlschool promised us an exclusive and special set with their hit singles (“Take It All Away”, “Emergency”, “Race With The Devil”, “Hit and Run”, “C’mon Let’s Go”, “Don’t Call It Love”…) perfectly melodic and well in line with the philosophy of our festival.