Heavy Metal Kids

Bad boys from the south of London and the East End, little rascals and Speakeasy’s residents (one of the most mythical London clubs) Heavy Metal Kids hit the headlines in the 70’s with their ballsy rock, in a bad mood and with a big mouth. His immense frontman, Gary Holton, created the hooligan rock just before the punk wave.


Patchwork of influences (pub rock, Faces, bluesy hard rock…glam). Heavy Metal Kids could never go over Holton’s passing (caught upon excesses in 1985) but our overindulgent rockers have risen from their ashes : built around Cosmo and Keith Boyce (guitarist and drummer from the good old days) and Justin McConville, a very interesting substitute for Gary Holton, the old kids from the London slums have made the promise to kick our asses.


For our great pleasure…