Heavy Pettin

In 1982, the hard rock world had never known such prodigality, as good bands proliferated everywhere. The Scots of Heavy Pettin’ didn’t remain not stuck there. They pulled out a trump card from their sleeve: producer Brian May, Queen’s famous guitarist.


Their following didn’t take long to come: with ‘Lettin’ Loose’, Heavy Pettin’ is considered the new Def Leppard and the spearhead of the second wave of NWOBHM. The Reading in 1983 nails it down: sexy looks, aptitudes, great melodies and Hamie as a small reincarnation of the great Rod Stewart…


Heavy Pettin’ ended up giving into the Adult Oriented Rock (AOR) format. ‘Rock Ain’t Dead’ in 1985, is a reference, possibly the best album of its kind in Great Britain. After the bad choice of Eurovision and some bad timing, Heavy Pettin’ is back in 2019 to make everything right !