Band on fire, speed metal band before the speed metal wave (the one with Metallica), Killer gets it about the Motorhead state of mind and the cool sketches of the NWOBHM before the 80’s Belgian wave.


Killer has also decided his manager Alfie Falkenbach to start the mytical Mausoleum label. “Wall of Sound” in 1982 ((not the one from Spector !) and “Shockwaves” in 1983 were his greatest trophies, next is a live album produced by Dieter Dierks (Scorpions), result of a soldout concert in Antwerpen with an heated space audience.


Unfading, pure, straight-forward and with no frills, Killer will blow out forty candles at our festival, with the bit between the teeth and the satisfaction of a job well done.