Legs Diamond (Us)

The comparison with Deep Purple should have delighted them. But this didn’t all worked out to their advantage: “Rick Sanford sounded more like Robert Plant. My guitar playing is more in the mold of Clapton/Beck” smiles Roger Romeo, Legs Diamond’s architect, exuberant and brilliant band from Los Angeles.

Their trademark for eternity is this worked and intelligent hard rock made of panache, eloquence (thank you Rick Sanford), polished riffs and dosed keyboards.
A constant of these US bands from the mid-seventies. Legs Diamond then crossed swords with the Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Blue Öyster Cult and other Montrose without achieving their enticing status.
Legs Diamond belongs to the breed of pures and outsiders. It enhances its appeal. “Legs Diamond” (1977), “A Diamond Is A Hard Rock” (1977, yes same year) and “Fire Power” (1978) are brilliant successes but they never see Olympus ! Somewhat swept away by the Van Halen cataclysm and new (bastardized!) forms of hard rock. Very rare in Europe: “two appearances in festivals in England and Germany”.
According to Romeo, Legs Diamond will create a sensation during our 3rd GARF. Aren’t diamonds forever?