Born in 1972 in Atlanta (Georgia) in the torments of racial segregation, Mother’s Finest quickly became a multicultural group juggling happily with various musical fusions. At the center of this unique group, a man and a woman: Glenn Murdock and Joyce “Baby Jane” Kennedy in a duo compared to Ike and Tina Turner.
The RCA label is going to support this group which cheerfully mixes funk, rhythm’n’blues and hard rock. With “Iron Age” in 1981, Mother’s Finest leans towards square and groovy hard rock. Better, he will be the great precursor of fusion rock of the 1990s (Living Colour, Fishbone, Extreme, Faith No More…).
If the Netherlands remain their second homeland, Mother’s Finest rarely visits Belgium and France. Don’t miss this single mother fed with good family values. Indeed, Glenn and “Baby Jean” have hired Dion Derek, their drummer of a son…