Ross the Boss plays Manowar

Paragon of “true metal”, guitarist “hero” in the old and wide range, Ross Friedman, aka Ross the Boss for fans and intimate, can boast of a solid gold CV: The Dictators, New Yorkers who have never been able to choose between hard and punk. Shakin ‘Street, Parisian group with particular charm driven by the charismatic Fabienne Shine.


Manowar, God Odin of heavy, for eight years and six albums (from 1980 to 1988). Without forgetting an irreproachable solo career dominated by authenticity.


It is with a show dedicated to Manowar that this old kid from the Bronx will come to kick our buttocks by picking up in albums as sad as “Battle Hymns”, “Into Glory Ride”, “Hail To England” or “Kings of Metal”.