Steelover (Be)

In 2022, SteeLover, with his new opus Stainless, was one of the sensations of our second GARF during the opening day on Friday. The hard rockers from Liege were unanimous: it was indeed their best concert since their reunion. The public acclaimed them and then after a few striking appearances (including the Spirit of 66 last november), a concert in Poland last June sounded like a revelation.
It is in this great Eastern country where SteeLover is the most popular! He had still sold around 80,000 copies of his Glove Me (1984 album) in the country of Mazurka. That explains it. The actuality of the hard-working SteeLover is precisely the CD reissue (with two bonus tracks) of this sparkling Glove Me. The opportunity was therefore a good one to ask them to come and perform it on the GARF stage. Let’s not forget the legendary concert of SteeLover on this same stage of the Cultural Center of Chênée in December 1984: that evening, our brave steelworkers had been in a state of grace marking the history of Liège rock and Walloon hard rock forever.