Treat (Sw)

Sweden and melodic hard rock: a great love story! Fed to the haughty melodies of ABBA, Europe, Rising Force, Silver Mountain, 220 Volt and other Treats determine themselves and fight the speed/thrash trend which is too quickly becoming the mainstream of music.

Treat seems to be the most talented of his generation, especially after “Scratch and Bite” (summer 85) and “The Pleasure Principle” (end 85), their first two musical opuses, which catapults our cool dandies into the circle of the high dignitaries of melodic hard rock/AOR.
But Europe is experiencing extraordinary happiness with its “Final Countdown” and Treat can only grin and bear it despite small international hits as times goes by which have the titles “Get You On The Run”, “World Of Promises” or “Ready For The Taking”.

Treat protects himself tooth and nail against misfortune with a great support on the last tour of Queen (1986) and with remarkable performances at the Monsters of rock 1988 in Bochum and Schweinfurt with Iron Maiden, Kiss and David Lee Roth. The group is making it more discreet in the sad grunge years.
He literally rose from his ashes in 2006 (they sign a deal with Universal and a presence at Sweden Rock) before signing “Coup de Grace” in 2010, perhaps the ultimate masterpiece of the genre.

Vocalist Robert Ernlund and guitarist Anders Wikström promised to be all dressed up to the nines to celebrate their 40th birthday. For a new “Coup de Grace”?