Vulcain is the band of siblings Daniel and Vincent Puzio, proud Neapolitans. When you’re hot blooded, you need to make use of it. Vulcain waited until the right moment, 1984, to pen their manifesto ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Secours’. For all time, ‘Le Fils de Lucifer’, ‘Les Damnés’ and ‘Ebony’ will reverberate as some of the finest French hard rock.


Vulcain is the school of MC5, AC/DC, Grand Funk Railroad and Motörhead. In fact, Vox Populi were quick to call them the French Motörhead.


Having lost steam in the 2000s, Vulcain made a comeback at the end of the cursed decade. After a Hellfest of fire, the food and shelter of friend Lemmy and the 30 years of Rock ‘N’ Roll Secours, Vulcain always positions itself as a priceless rock machine. ‘Vinyle’ (2018) is their latest opus. A lesson in purity…